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When should I water my indoor bonsai tree?

The watering of your bonsai must never be neglected. Apply water when the soil appears dry -- never allow the soil to become completely dry. If your bonsai is receiving full sun, it may be necessary to water once a day. This schedule may vary with the size pot, type of soil and type of bonsai tree you own.

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In this manner, how often do you water an indoor bonsai tree?

The best answer one can offer is: Water when the plant needs watering. This is usually when the soil is beginning to dry out on the surface. Feel the surface with the fingertips. Watering will probably be necessary daily in summer but less frequently during winter.

Additionally, can you over water a bonsai tree? Because the soil layer is so shallow, it is prone to drying out very quickly. Bonsai trees should be watered right when the top layer of soil appears dry. Overwatering can also be detrimental for your bonsai tree. Symptoms of an overwatered bonsai include: yellowing of leaves and the shriveling of smaller branches.

Also asked, how do you water a bonsai tree indoors?

As explained previously, water when the soil gets slightly dry. When the tree does require water though, it needs thorough soaking so the entire root system is wetted. To do so, keep watering until water runs out of the drainage holes, and possibly repeat the process a few minutes later.

Should I mist my bonsai tree?

Trees that are grown indoors can benefit from misting once a week or so to rinse the dust that naturally collects on them. Otherwise, a bonsai tree takes moisture up through the roots and supports the rest of the tree through a process called transpiration. That's all a well watered and healthy bonsai tree needs.

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