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When should a torque converter lock up?

Theory of Operation.
  1. Engine temperature too cold - most converters will not lockup until the coolant reaches about 120°F.
  2. Overdrive unit locked out - when an automatic overdrive is "locked-out" the torque converter lockup feature will also be locked out.

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Also, how do I know if my torque converter is locking up?

You can see this by looking at the RPM's, once moving at steady speed give the car a little gas, you will see the RPM's rise but the car will not speed up much. When a lock up torque converter locks the and you give it a little gas the RPM's will not rise until the car starts moving faster.

Additionally, do torque converters need a lockup? If you are going to be towing, you want a lock-up torque converter. Towing will add heat to the transmission. A non-lock-up torque converter will add more heat. With a lock-up when you get to speed, the torque converter will lock-up, which creates a direct drive from engine to transmission.

Regarding this, what happens when a torque converter locks up?

It allows the engine to turn at a lower RPM when the vehicle is traveling at higher speeds. However, when the engine turns more slowly it causes the torque converter to slip, creating heat. The solution is to lock the converter. Lock-up eliminates the slippage, which reduces heat and improves fuel economy.

What is the purpose of the lock up clutch in torque converter?

That's why virtually all modern torque converters use a lock-up clutch. The purpose of the lockup clutch is to directly connect the engine and the transmission once slippage is no longer needed.

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