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When should a sprinkler system be shut down?

You should shut off your irrigation system just before temperatures in your region begin to dip below freezing at night. Don't shut off your irrigation system too early. Often homeowners shut their systems down as soon as the fall season arrives because they believe that their lawn requires less water.

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Beside this, when should I winterize my sprinkler system?

As a general rule, you should winterize your system at least a week before the first freeze is expected. Your grass will survive without regular watering during that time, as the plants are already preparing for the dry winter season.

One may also ask, when should I winterize my sprinklers in Utah? You need to drain your sprinkler system and then shut it down completely before the first freezing temperatures arrive. Don't risk freezing pipes by waiting too long. Keep an eye on the forecast once temperatures start to dip. This will likely be sometime in October or November but will vary depending on the year.

Likewise, people ask, how do you winterize an inground sprinkler system?

Set the compressor air pressure regulator to a maximum of 80 psi for rigid PVC pipe systems, or 50 psi for flexible black polyethylene pipe. Then turn off the water supply and set the system timer to open just one zone. Next, open the manual drain valve at the end of that zone (if equipped).

How do I turn off my sprinkler system for winter?

How to Turn Off a Sprinkler System for Winter

  1. Grasp the lever of the main shut-off valve inside your home and turn it perpendicular to the pipe to shut off the outside water line from the main water supply.
  2. Seat a large bucket just below the main drain valve, which is near or on the main shut-off valve.

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