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When should a rescuer switch positions during CPR?

Rescuers should switch positions every 2 minutes when it is time to ANALYZE the victim's heart rhythm. This will prevent rescuer fatigue and ensure that rescuers are able to provide high-quality chest compressions at the proper rate and depth. CPR and analysis with the AED should continue until EMS arrives.

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In this way, what actions should occur next to support a team based resuscitation attempt?

2 rescuers alternate giving high quality chest compressions. 2 rescuers begin high quality CPR, the 3rd leaves to get the AED.

what compression technique should be used on an infant during CPR when there is one rescuer? Begin CPR. Compressions should occur at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions per minute, at one third the depth of the chest. For an infant, use the 2-finger chest compression technique while only one rescuer is present. Once the second rescuer returns, us the 2 thumb-encircling hands technique.

Furthermore, when switching positions in a two person rescue who calls for the switch?

If there are two trained personnel present at the scene, they should coordinate to perform chest compressions. In the two-person resuscitation, rescuers switch positions after about every two minutes. One of the rescuers is positioned near the chest area while the other one is positioned near the head of the victim.

What is the role of the second rescuer in CPR?

The role of the second rescuer at the head during the cycles of compressions to ventilation is to maintain an open airway and give breaths. Performing chest compressions is exhausting. During CPR blood flow is provided by chest compressions.

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