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When large amounts of pure water are consumed?

When large amounts of pure water are consumed: -the ECF becomes hypertonic to the ICF. -the volume of the ECF will decrease. -osmolarities of the two compartments will be slightly lower.

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Considering this, what happens when pure water is consumed?

When pure water is consumed, Consuming water increases the water volume in blood. The water will enter the extracellular fluid (ECF) compartment. As a result, The ECF is hypotonic to the intracellular fluid (ICF) compartment.

Additionally, when water is lost from the extracellular fluid but electrolytes are retained? When water is lost, but electrolytes are retained osmosis moves water from the ICF to the ECF. NOTE: water loss is from ECF, because water loss is due to urination (plasma water is lost), sweating (interstitial fluid is lost), bleeding (plasma is lost)… 7.

Similarly one may ask, why would eating a large amount of salty food make you thirsty?

When the thirst center goes on alert because things are too salty and the body needs water to dilute the salt, that's when you start to feel thirsty. The kidneys help dilute the salt too by slowing down urine production and conserving water.

What factors affect fluid balance?

Your body needs to maintain a proper level of fluid and electrolytes to function at its best. Learn about factors that influence fluid and electrolyte balance, including vomiting, diarrhea, fever, diet, exercise, diuretics, and kidney problems.

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