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When did the Hipaa privacy rule go into effect?

April 14, 2003

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Similarly, when did Hipaa privacy rule became effective?

April 14, 2003

what exactly is Hipaa When was it enacted and why? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, originally known as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Bill, is a set of regulations that became law in 1996. In addition, HIPAA created a system to recognize and enforce the rights of patients to protect the privacy of their medical records.

Also question is, what is the Hipaa Privacy Rule?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national standards to protect individuals' medical records and other personal health information and applies to health plans, health care clearinghouses, and those health care providers that conduct certain health care transactions electronically.

Why did Hipaa become a law?

HIPAA was enacted as a broad Congressional attempt at healthcare reform - it was initially introduced in Congress as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Bill. The landmark Act was passed in 1996 with two objectives. One was to ensure that individuals would be able to maintain their health insurance between jobs.

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