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When did the beard tax end?


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Also question is, when was the beard tax lifted?

Most Russian men chose to keep their money rather than their facial hair, says Oldstone-Moore, and the tax wasn't lifted until 1772 (when many of the tokens were melted down and repurposed).

Similarly, how much was the beard tax? Figuring he could make money for the state while still allowing people to opt to keep their beards, he imposed a beard tax. As the State Department describes, “for nobility and merchants, the tax could be as high as 100 rubles annually; for commoners it was much lower — as little as 1 kopek.

Moreover, why was there a beard tax?

In 1698, Emperor Peter I of Russia instituted a beard tax to bring Russian society in line with Western European models. To enforce the ban on beards, the tsar empowered police to forcibly and publicly shave those who refused to pay the tax.

What did Peter the Great tax in 1705?

5, 1698, Peter established the tax on wearing a beard. To control it, he issues special metal tokens - a kind of receipt of payment for wearing a beard. From 1705, all Russians - except monks and peasants - had to shave their beards and mustaches.

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