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When did Saigo Takamori die?

September 24, 1877

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Accordingly, how did Saigo Takamori die?


One may also ask, why was Takamori Saigo The Last Samurai? But their last defender came to symbolize a conflict over modernization. A leader of Japan's 19th-century drive to modernize, and at the same time a defender of its ancient samurai values, Saigo Takamori's dramatic last stand embodied his nation's identity crisis.

why did Takamori kill himself?

According to standard reference works, the Meiji leader Saigō Takamori committed ritual suicide in 1877. A close reading of primary sources, however, reveals that Saigō could not have killed himself as commonly described; instead, he was crippled by a bullet wound and beheaded by his followers.

When was Saigo Takamori born?

January 23, 1828

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