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When did Miriam E Benjamin die?


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In this regard, where did Miriam Benjamin die?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Also, did Miriam Benjamin have kids? In 1917, she patented a system to deliver medication via inserts in the sole of a shoe (U.S. Patent Number 1249,000). By 1920, Benjamin had returned to Boston to live with her brother, Edgar, a successful lawyer, and her mother. She remained there until her death in 1947. Benjamin never married nor had any children.

Secondly, what did Miriam E Benjamin invent?

Cadira de trucada per a hotels

What is a signal chair?

On this date in 1888, Miriam E. Benjamin received a patent for an invention she called a Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels. By pressing a small button on the back of a chair a relay signal would be sent to an attendant while a light on the chair would go on allowing the attendant to see which guest pressed the button.

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