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When did Mary Leakey died?

December 9, 1996

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Also know, when was Mary Leakey born?

February 6, 1913

Furthermore, where did Mary Leakey live? Kensington Cabrerets

Considering this, what did Mary Leakey find in 1959?

In 1959, Leakey was working in the famous site Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania when she discovered an approximately 1.75 million year-old fossil skull of a new, extremely robust species of hominin. Some species of Homo later evolved into modern Homo sapiens.

What did Mary Leakey do later in life?

Later life Mary Leakey, in addition to her research, found herself assuming many of Louis's more public roles after she was widowed in 1972. She spent considerable time traveling to give lectures, raise funds, and receive many honors from institutions around the world.

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