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When did IPA beer start?

The first use of the phrase that eventually became shortened to IPA does not seem to occur until an advertisement in The Liverpool Mercury newspaper on January 30, 1835, for Hodgson's "East India Pale Ale." Even after this, many newspaper advertisements continued to talk about "Pale Ale as prepared for India" rather

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Furthermore, when did IPA beer become popular?

For the unitiated, IPA is a a type of beer known as India Pale Ale. It was created by the British and became popular among East India Company traders in the late 18th century.

Furthermore, who made the first IPA? Myth 1: “IPA was invented by a brewer called George Hodgson from Bow, in East London.” Fact: Hodgson was the best-known of the early exporters of pale ale to India. But there is no evidence at all that he “invented” a new beer style. Pale ale was already being brewed in England before Hodgson.

Similarly, it is asked, when was IPA invented?

While British brewers regularly made the style that would become the IPA by the early 1800s, the first printed codification (in the Liverpool Mercury) as “India pale ale” didn't come until 1835.

Where did IPA beer come from?


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