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When can you tell Axolotl gender?

The most reliable way to tell whether your axolotl is male or female, is to look at their cloaca (vent). The male's cloaca is swollen, while the female's has only a tiny bump, if one at all. When lighter coloured axolotls (albino, golden and leucistics) reach sexual maturity, their toe tips turn dark brown/black.

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Keeping this in consideration, can Axolotls change gender?

Re: Axolotl sex change Hormone producing tumours may also produce apparent sex changes. The general rule is they do not change sex, the usual cause of female to male apparent change is that they are sometimes hard to sex correctly and can mature very late.

Additionally, how long are Axolotls pregnant for? Axolotls are oviparous or egg laying. Gestation period: Eggs are laid one day after indirect fertilization. At room temperature, embryos will hatch in two to three weeks.

Considering this, how old is my Axolotl?

To estimate the age, you can measure the length of the axie from head to tail. The size of the axie can give a rough guide to its age.

Do Axolotls like to be touched?

Unlike fish, axolotls do not have a sensitive, protective layer, so they can be handled. They are still very delicate, and should only be held or touched when necessary, such as moving them out of their tank, into a feeding container. If your axolotl is already freaking out, let it go and wait awhile.

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