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When can I take my dressing off after knee replacement?

Dressing. A soft bandage has been placed on your knee. You may take the bandages off two days after surgery. If steri-strips were applied to the incisions, do not remove, let them fall off by themselves.

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Similarly, you may ask, when can I remove dressing after TKR?

Removing Your Dressing

  1. Remove your dressing 7 days after it was applied.
  2. Look at your incision to make sure it is closed and that there is no leaking present.
  3. If your incision is dry, cleanse it with mild soap and water.
  4. If you have Steri-Strips, leave them alone – they will fall off on their own.

Also, when can I take bandages off after surgery? In some cases, your bandage should be removed the day after surgery. This depends on the location of the surgery, the seriousness of the surgery and incision. Most wounds don't require a bandage after a few days. However, you may decide to wear a bandage to protect the incision.

In this regard, how long do Steri strips stay on after knee surgery?

If you have steri-strips over your incision they will start to peel off in 7-10 days as you get them wet. They dont need to be removed prior to that. When they begin to peel off you can remove them. They should all be removed by 14 days from you surgery.

How long does it take for the incision to heal after knee replacement?

Your incision two weeks after surgery Your incision will still be sore after two weeks but you should be able to see a decrease in swelling, bruising and redness. It is important that you continue to keep your incision clean and dry as it heals.

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