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When can I give my baby mixed foods?

After your baby is eating individual foods, it's OK to offer a puréed mix of two foods. When babies are about 9 months old, coarser, chunkier textures are OK as they start moving to a diet that includes more table foods. If you use prepared baby food in jars, spoon some of the food into a bowl to feed your baby.

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Just so, do you need to introduce one food at a time?

You can mix first foods together – there's no need to introduce just one food at a time. And if you offer your baby a variety of foods, she can try lots of new tastes and also get a range of nutrients.

Likewise, can I give my 4 month old Stage 2 baby food? According to Laracuente, babies are usually ready for Stage 2 between 6 and 8 months old — but make sure your little one has honed his Stage 1 skills before making the leap. “Once your baby has done well with Stage 1 solids and has tried multiple foods, it is safe to advance to Stage 2 baby food,” says Dr.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what baby food do you start with?

Traditionally, iron-fortified baby cereals with breast milk or formula are given first followed by vegetables, fruits and meats. However, if your baby has been primarily breast-fed, puréed meat or poultry may be a good first food to introduce as they provide more easily absorbable iron and zinc than plant foods.

Is it OK to feed my 3 month old baby food?

Doctors suggest starting a baby on solid foods sometime between 4 and 7 months of age. Some babies are ready for solids as early as 3 months, but it's not recommended; the earlier a baby gets started on solids, the more likely that she'll be prone to food allergies later on.

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