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When a balloon is placed in the freezer it shrinks Why?

A balloon shrinks inside a fridge because of the way gases behave. If the pressures remain the same on a fixed mass of gas, a drop in temperature will reduce the volume of the gas. The gas molecules get closer together and the density increases.

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Keeping this in consideration, what happens to a balloon when you put it in the freezer?

The frozen balloon shrank because the average kinetic energy of the gas molecules in a balloon decreases when the temperature decreases. This makes the molecules move more slowly and have less frequent and weaker collisions with the inside wall of the balloon, which causes the balloon to shrink a little.

Also, can you freeze a balloon? Freeze balloons! Water balloons aren't just for summer! Set the balloon outside and, if you can, pack some snow around it to help it freeze. If it's not cold enough outdoors, just use your freezer! When the water inside the balloon is frozen, have an adult cut the knot off.

Secondly, what happens when you put a balloon in liquid nitrogen?

When cooled by liquid nitrogen, the balloon shrinks (not as much as the air-filled balloon) and it sinks down on the table. When heating up, the balloon slowly rises and flies up in the air again. Explanation 1: The volume of the balloon decreases by the low temperature, because the gas inside is cooled down.

What happens when you put a balloon in cold water?

When you put the bottle with the balloon into the first jar, the hot water heats up the air in the bottle and makes it expand. The expanding gas blows up the balloon. When you put the bottle into cold water, the air cools down again. Cool air hasn't got as much energy, so it shrinks - and the balloon shrinks with it.

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