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What's the Happs meaning?

Phrase. what's the haps? (slang) what's happening?; what's up? ( a greeting)

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Moreover, what does Happs mean?

Hazardous Air Pollutant Prioritization System

what does the prefix Hap mean? -hap-, root. -hap- comes from Old Norse, where it has the meaning "luck; chance. '' This meaning is found in such words as: haphazard, hapless, happen, happening, happenstance, mishap, perhaps.

Furthermore, what does haps mean in text?

History and Philosophy of Science

What is the happiness?

Happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. In other words, happiness comes when you feel satisfied and fulfilled. Happiness is a feeling of contentment, that life is just as it should be. Perfect happiness, enlightenment, comes when you have all of your needs satisfied.

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