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Whats the difference between influenza A and B?

Unlike type A flu viruses, type B flu is found only in humans. Type B flu may cause a less severe reaction than type A flu virus, but occasionally, type B flu can still be extremely harmful. Influenza type B viruses are not classified by subtype and do not cause pandemics.

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Similarly one may ask, what is the difference between influenza A and B?

While the symptoms of influenza B mirrors those of A, the main difference between the two strains is who it can affect. This allows strains of A to be spread more rapidly than B, while also meaning strains of B cannot cause pandemics with symptoms likely less severe. Flu shots protect against both strains of influenza.

Additionally, how serious is type A flu? Type A influenza can be dangerous and is known to cause outbreaks and increase your risk of disease. Influenza A mutates faster than influenza B, but both viruses are always changing, creating new strains from one flu season to the next. Past flu vaccinations will not prevent infection from a new strain.

Similarly, you may ask, what are the symptoms of flu A and B?

Flu Symptoms

  • fever* or feeling feverish/chills.
  • cough.
  • sore throat.
  • runny or stuffy nose.
  • muscle or body aches.
  • headaches.
  • fatigue (tiredness)
  • some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

Can you get influenza A and B?

It is possible to get the flu twice during the same flu season. Since there are two types of flu strains – influenza A and influenza B – if you get influenza A, you can also get influenza B. But there is some good news. Plus influenza B typically doesn't cause as serious of an infection.

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