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What's the difference between black beans and black turtle beans?

You can use most black beans interchangeably, though turtle beans are a little smaller. Just make sure you don't use black soy beans, which have a completely different flavour and texture.

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Likewise, are black beans and black turtle beans the same?

They are very similar, except that black turtle beans tend to be smaller. They will essentially have the same taste and texture, however.

Beside above, are black beans and red kidney beans the same? Black beans vs. Kidney beans are a common bean found in popular dishes that take a while to cook, such as chilis and soups. There is a big difference in appearance between black beans and red kidney beans. For instance, one is red and kidney shaped, while the other is black and oval.

Also to know is, what are black turtle beans good for?

Black turtle beans are a nutritional powerhouse and a good source of fiber, protein and iron. The high fiber content not only helps the digestive tract move more smoothly, but it may also keep blood sugar levels stable.

What is a good substitute for black beans?

One type of bean can be substituted for another in a wide variety of recipes -- especially soups, stews and casseroles. Chickpeas and black beans do have different characteristics, so recipes calling for black beans could turn out differently than expected if you substitute chickpeas.

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