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What's the difference between a blockquote and aq element?

<blockquote> is block level element, normally it starts and end with new line when displayed in the browser. <q> is inline element,normally it displays without line break. Block elements stand on their own; inline elements goes with the flow.

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Simply so, what does blockquote mean?

The HTML <blockquote> Element (or HTML Block Quotation Element) indicates that the enclosed text is an extended quotation. Usually, this is rendered visually by indentation (see Notes for how to change it).

Secondly, how do you style a blockquote? How to Style Blockquotes in WordPress With CSS

  1. Center Align Your Blockquote. Considering most of the text in your post will be left-aligned, one way to make blockquotes stand out is to center align them.
  2. Change Font, Font Color, and Font Size.
  3. Add a Background.
  4. Add Lines to Offset Blockquotes.
  5. Add a Quotation Mark.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the blockquote tag used for?

The blockquote element is used to indicate the quotation of a large section of text from another source. Using the default HTML styling of most web browsers, it will indent the right and left margins both on the display and in printed form, but this may be overridden by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

What is the HTML code for quotation marks?

HTML code for quotes

Sign Name code Description
" &quot; Quotation mark
' &apos; Single quote

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