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What's so great about Princeton?

Princeton is also known for its academic rigor, having put in place a policy to curb grade inflation. Princeton also requires every undergraduate to write a thesis. A Princeton degree is synonymous with academic rigor. Lastly, they're strong in engineering AND the humanities.

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Correspondingly, what's special about Princeton?

Princeton is special because it compromises nothing - it is legitimately one of the most elite research institutions in the world but also has a complete and total dedication to their undergraduate students. This combination is unique and made my undergraduate education exceptional.

Additionally, why is Princeton better than Harvard? Princeton does have the advantage over Harvard in its number of research citations per faculty member, a ranking indicator for which Harvard comes ninth in the world, while Princeton is fifth.

Similarly, you may ask, why should I attend Princeton?

The reasons are varied. They range from Princeton's focus on undergraduates and the opportunities it offers for undergraduate research, to its very generous financial aid package and the quality of its academics. Read in their own words why they chose Princeton.

Is Princeton University prestigious?

The 24 most prestigious universities in the world, according to Times Higher Education. Princeton University has a strong reputation, but how strong? A university's reputation can be even more important than its actual quality when it comes to graduate employability.

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