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What's better Simplii vs tangerine?

The Tangerine chequing account offers slightly higher interest (both chequing accounts offer interest). Simplii offers free cheques (a big deal for me, as I have to use cheques to pay rent). This makes the most sense and now that I think a about it will be the way I go, thanks!

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Also asked, is tangerine or Simplii better?

There are smaller banks and credit unions out there that offer higher interest rates than both Tangerine and Simplii Financial, but their service typically isn't as convenient. Tangerine's rates are typically as good as or better than Simplii Financial.

Similarly, is Tangerine a good bank? Tangerine is one of the best online banks in Canada, especially if you're looking for an all-around daily banking option with no fees. No-fee daily chequing account, one of the best no-fee credit cards in Canada, and a fully-featured option for all of your banking needs in one place.

Also know, is Simplii a good bank?

Simplii has some really great and diverse offerings and can easily replace your traditional banking. For savings rates, my top choice is currently EQ Bank with their best-rated savings rate. However, they do not offer a chequing account or investments.

How do I transfer money from Simplii to tangerine?

To move your money from your linked account, click on the “Move my money” option from the left menu. Now that you've linked Tangerine to your old banking institution, you can now select them in the “From” option, and then select your new chequing account in the “To” option.

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