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What would happen if the sun were suddenly replaced with a 1 solar mass black hole?

If the Sun were somehow compressed enough to become a black hole, it would be less than 6 kilometers (well under 4 miles) across. It would exert no more gravitational force on Earth or the other planets in the solar system than it does now.

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Similarly one may ask, what would happen if the sun suddenly became a black hole without changing its mass?

The Sun will never turn into a black hole because it is not massive enough to explode. But if, hypothetically, the Sun suddenly became a black hole with the same mass as it has today, this would not affect the orbits of the planets, because its gravitational influence on the solar system would be the same.

Likewise, what would happen if the mass of the sun decreased? When the mass of the sun decreases, the strength of the gravitational pull decreases. Consequently the planets will break off from their orbits. Once the Earth loses it's heat from the sun all life on earth will perish. If that isn't enough fall through space could land us in a black whole or crash into commet.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the effect on the revolution of the earth if the sun is suddenly converted to black hole?

The Answer Nothing would happen to Earth's orbit IF the Sun became black hole, Nothing would happen to the orbits of the other planets either or the orbits of the planets' natural satellites, because mass of the Sun would not change.

When the sun dies will it become a black hole?

The Sun will never burst and will not become a black hole. Stars end their lives in two different ways: those will mass around the mass of the Sun will end their lives in a gentle way, becoming a planetary nebula and leaving behind a remnant called "white dwarf".

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