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What words have gon in them?

10 letter words containing gon
  • antagonism.
  • antagonist.
  • ergonomics.
  • orthogonal.
  • antagonize.
  • goniometer.
  • snapdragon.
  • gonococcus.

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Then, what does the root word Gon?

-gon, suffix. -gon comes from Greek, where it has the meaning "side; angle. '' This suffix is attached to roots to form nouns that refer to plane figures having the number of sides mentioned: poly- (= many) + -gon → polygon (= a many-sided figure).

Additionally, what is the root word for poly? Quick Summary. The origin of the prefix poly- is from an ancient Greek word which meant “many.” This prefix appears in, well, “many” English vocabulary words, such as polysyllabic, polyhedron, and Polynesia.

Then, is the root Gon Greek or Latin?

Root Meaning in English Origin language
gon- corner, angle, knee Greek
grad-, gred-, gress- (GRAD) walk, step, go Latin
gramm- letter, writing Greek
gran- grain Latin

What words have graphs?

List of Words Containing 'graph'

  • graph.
  • graphs.
  • agrapha. digraph. graphed. graphic.
  • agraphia. agraphic. diagraph. digraphs. epigraph. grapheme. graphics. graphing. graphite.
  • agraphias. allograph. autograph. barograph. biography. diagraphs. digraphic. epigraphs. epigraphy.
  • allographs. anemograph. autographs. autography. barographs. biographee. biographer. biographic. cacography.

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