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What wine goes with truffle risotto?

At a glance: Wine with truffle recipes
  • Try wines with some bottle age.
  • Red meat: Try aged Barolo or Bordeaux | Fish: Think about aged red Burgundy or dry Riesling from Alsace or Rheingau/Pfalz.
  • Truffle risotto needs bolder, creamier wines.
  • Avoid light, fruity whites and reds.

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Besides, what wine goes best with risotto?

Chardonnay, especially white burgundy, is also a good pairing for a chicken or a mushroom risotto which tend to be richer and more savoury but you could also drink a pinot noir or a Barolo, even though this is not traditional in the region. (They generally save it for the meat course and drink a Barbera.).

Subsequently, question is, what wine goes with pumpkin risotto? When preparing a creamy pumpkin dish, such as a pumpkin soup or pumpkin risotto, think “dry” or “creamy” on the palate when it comes to wine. Here's the place for your Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, a dry Prosecco or an Albariño.

Also, what wine goes with truffle cheese?

Perfect Wine Pairing: Truffle Cheddar and Pinot Noir. Looking for the perfect cheese to pair with your favorite pinot noir? Look no further than our decadent Truffle Cheddar! The perfect pairing of complimentary flavors that will absolutely delight your taste-buds.

What meat goes well with truffle?

Many types of fish, red meat, and even chicken, rabbit and other white meats pair well with fresh truffles, which means, they also pair well with truffle oil as well.

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