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What will happen when a cell has produced more products than it has enzymes?

If this reaction happens too slowly then hydrogen peroxide can build up and poison the cell. Chemical reactions can be speeded up by increasing the temperature because more molecules will have sufficient energy to react with each other. Living cells solve this problem by producing proteins called enzymes .

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Also to know is, what happens when you add more enzyme to a reaction?

By increasing the enzyme concentration, the maximum reaction rate greatly increases. Conclusions: The rate of a chemical reaction increases as the substrate concentration increases. Enzymes can greatly speed up the rate of a reaction. However, enzymes become saturated when the substrate concentration is high.

Similarly, what effects do end products have on enzymes? End products can either not have an effect on enzymes, as with many biochemical pathways, but can also inhibit enzymes, especially in anabolic pathways (where larger molecules are synthesised from smaller building blocks) to regulate them.

Also asked, why does it matter if enzymes keep getting added?

No, they enzymes will change shape or denature causing them not to work at all when they get too hot. Why doesn't it matter if enzymes keep getting added to a concentration graph?

How does a cell vary the amount of enzyme present?

SINGLE substrate molecule is drawn into the active site. chemical bonds are BROKEN causing the substrate to BREAK apart and become TWO separate molecules. how does a cell vary the amount of enzyme present in a cell? this is because of the great amount of substrate then it levels off due to inhibitors.

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