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What will happen if there is an implementation of partial method without defining partial?

If the method is not implemented, then the compiler removes the method signature and all calls to the method. Therefore, any code in the partial class can freely use a partial method, even if the implementation is not supplied. No compile-time or run-time errors will result if the method is called but not implemented.

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Regarding this, what is partial method?

Partial methods are methods defined in a partial class that are (optionally) divided across two files. With partial methods one file contains the method signature - the method name, its return type, and its input parameters - while the body is (optionally) defined in a separate file.

Also Know, can partial class be inherited? All parts of a partial class must use the same access modifier. It's important to understand that C# does not support multiple class inheritance concepts, So if any part of a partial class is inheriting a base class then other parts can not inherit another base class.

Herein, what do you know about partial types and partial methods?

A partial class or struct may contain a partial method. One part of the class contains the signature of the method. An optional implementation may be defined in the same part or another part. If the implementation is not supplied, then the method and all calls to the method are removed at compile time.

What is the use of partial class?

A partial class is a special feature of C#. It provides a special ability to implement the functionality of a single class into multiple files and all these files are combined into a single class file when the application is compiled. A partial class is created by using a partial keyword.

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