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What were the major events and who were the major figures in Latin American revolutions?

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  • Francois. leader of Haitian revolution; formerly a slave, freed Haiti.
  • Simon Bolivar. liberator from Venezuela; led many colonies to independence, crushed Spain's power in South America.
  • Jose de San Martin.
  • Miguel Hidalgo.
  • Jose.
  • Dom Pedro.

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Hereof, who were the major leaders of the Latin American revolution?

José de San Martín, along with Simón Bolívar, was one of the most important leaders of the Latin American independence movements. His military leadership was crucial in the wars of independence in Argentina, Chile, and Peru.

Similarly, what factors led to the Latin American revolutions? Most of the events that led to the Latin American Revolution were begun because of the Spainish colonization and conquering of the Latin American people. These events were: Spain setting up colonies in the Americas. Creoles and Mestizos grow discontented with the Spanish rule.

Likewise, people ask, what were the major events of the Latin American revolution?

Latin American Revolution

  • Hispaniola announces freedon. 1804.
  • Revolt in Latin America. 1807 - 1825.
  • Mexico's first revolt began. 1810.
  • Mexico's independence day. September 16, 1810.
  • Jose Maria Morelos captured and executed. 1815.
  • Battle of Maipu. April 5, 1818.
  • Mexico declares independence. 1821.
  • Mexico becomes a republic. 1823.

Which was a major political change in Latin America in the 19th century?

The political power of the Roman Catholic Church was eliminated. Political power was no longer held by people of European ancestry. Strong nationalistic feelings led to many new nations.

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