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What were Jacobean beliefs about witchcraft?

Witches. In Shakespeare's time people believed in witches. They were people who had made a pact with the Devil in exchange for supernatural powers. If your cow was ill, it was easy to decide it had been cursed.

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In this regard, how can you identify a witch?

Look carefully into the suspects eyes, right into the middle of the eye where there's normally a little black dot. If she's a witch, the black dot will keep changing in colour, and you'll see fire and you'll see ice dancing right in the very centre of the coloured dot. It will send shivers running all over your skin.

Subsequently, question is, how did they punish witches? Many faced capital punishment for witchcraft, either by burning at the stake, hanging, or beheading. Similarly, in New England, people convicted of witchcraft were hanged.

Regarding this, how did witchcraft influence Shakespeare?

In Macbeth he used characters such as the witches to bring dark magic and suspense. In Shakespeare's day those accused of witchcraft, or being a witch, were generally old, poor and single women, widows or 'wise women'. In 1542 Parliament passed the Witchcraft Act which defined witchcraft as a crime punishable by death.

How is witchcraft used in Macbeth?

Audiences were likely to believe that women became witches by consenting to sexual intercourse with the devil or some other evil spirit. In 1542, fifty years before Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, King Henry VIII passed the first English Witchcraft Act, which officially made the practice of witchcraft punishable by death.

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