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What was the war in Chechnya about?

Chechnya within Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union
He united various North-Caucasian nations under his command in order to resist the Russian invasions and expansion. Following long local resistance during the 1817–1864 Caucasian War, Imperial Russian forces defeated the Chechens and annexed their lands in the 1870s.

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Herein, what started the war in Chechnya?

The violence began in 1958, upon a conflict between a Russian sailor and an Ingush youngster over a girl, in which the Russian was fatally injured. The incident quickly deteriorated into mass ethnic riots, as Slavic mobs attacked Chechens and Ingushes and looted property throughout the region for 4 days.

Beside above, when was the Chechen war? December 11, 1994 – August 31, 1996

Similarly, it is asked, what was the main reason for the eruption of the first Chechen war?

Inspired by neighboring Georgia's recent successful secession attempt, a Chechen separatist movement formed following the Soviet collapse. Russia refused to allow the region to secede, sparking two wars. The First Chechen War began in late 1994, when Russia invaded to oust the separatist All-National Congress.

Where was the Chechen war?

Chechnya Republic of Dagestan Ingushetia Stavropol Krai

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