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What was the score of the Nationals game today?

A mostly uninspiring World Series turned on its head Tuesday when the Washington Nationals defeated the Houston Astros, 7-2, in a dramatic Game 6 full of heroes, subplots and memorable moments, all to set up baseball's ultimate game.

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In respect to this, where are the Nats playing tonight?

Washington Nationals - Schedule

Date OPP Venue
Apr 21, 2020 vs L.A. Dodgers Nationals Park
Apr 22, 2020 vs L.A. Dodgers Nationals Park
Apr 23, 2020 vs L.A. Dodgers Nationals Park
Apr 24, 2020 @ San Francisco Oracle Park

Also Know, who is starting pitcher for the Nationals today? Joe Ross: Washington Nationals pitcher starts in place of Max Scherzer.

Also to know is, is the Nationals game on TV today?

Nationals games are televised by MASN, the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All games air on MASN or MASN2, with all games available in crystal-clear HD on MASN HD or MASN2 HD. The network is carried by most cable and satellite providers in the mid-Atlantic region.

What color jerseys are the nationals wearing tonight?

navy blue

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