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What was the impact of McCulloch v Maryland?

McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) is one of the first and most important Supreme Court cases on federal power. In this case, the Supreme Court held that Congress has implied powers derived from those listed in Article I, Section 8. The “Necessary and Proper” Clause gave Congress the power to establish a national bank.

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Then, why was the ruling in McCulloch v Maryland significant?

Answer and Explanation: The decision in McCulloch v. Maryland was significant because the Supreme Court ruled that the federal government could pass laws not expressly

Similarly, what was the most important result of Marshall's decision in McCulloch v Maryland? It determined that the U.S. Constitution was a basic outline and allowed the government to do what was "necessary and proper" to conduct business. It resulted in more banks in the U.S., therefore more economic stability.

Beside this, which answer best describes the impact of the McCulloch vs Maryland court case?

The correct answer is: "The case proved that the states cannot challenge the implied federal powers". McCulloch vs.

What was the majority opinion in McCulloch v Maryland?

majority opinion by John Marshall. Maryland may not impose a tax on the bank. In a unanimous decision, the Court held that Congress had the power to incorporate the bank and that Maryland could not tax instruments of the national government employed in the execution of constitutional powers.

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