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What was the difference between SCLC and SNCC?

They were also more willing to take risks and put their bodies on the line Religion was also a main difference SCLC was based in the southern Baptist church. Civil rights movement drew on religious values. Churches were key organizing sites for black protestors SNCC was primarily secular.

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Similarly one may ask, how were the SCLC and SNCC different?

Though the NAACP, SCLC, and SNCC were all committed to nonviolence and peaceful means of protesting racial inequality, they used different strategies to desegregate the South. Whereas King organized southern black churches, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) brought together like-minded students.

Furthermore, what is the difference between the naacp and SCLC? SCLC: Influenced by faith and committed to mass nonviolent action such as: sit-ins, marches, and boycotts. Lead by MLK Jr. SNCC: College aged students who worked together to aide the civil rights movement. NAACP: Took the fight through civil rights through law.

Moreover, what was the major issue between SNCC and SCLC?

The SNCC accepted the invitation to use non-violence as the primary approach with some difficulty, while the SCLC held on to its commitment to non-violence, defining it as a 'major factor in the creation of a moral climate that has made progress possible' (5).

What is the SNCC and what was their purpose?

Pacifism Civil rights movement Anti-racism Participatory democracy Black Power

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