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What was the biggest art heist in history?

The largest art theft, and the largest theft of any private property, in world history occurred in Boston on March 18, 1990 when thieves stole 13 pieces, collectively worth $300 million, from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.

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Hereof, what is the biggest money heist in history?

The Antwerp diamond heist, dubbed the "heist of the century", was one of the largest robberies in history. Thieves stole loose diamonds, gold, and jewellery valued at more than $100 million. It took place in Antwerp, Belgium, during the weekend of 15–16 February 2003.

what painting has been stolen the most? The Ghent Altarpiece

Then, how much art is stolen each year?

News articles about art thefts seem to appear just about every week. This should not be surprising: it has been estimated that more than 50,000 pieces of artwork are stolen each year around the world, and the black market for stolen art is valued at between $6 billion and $8 billion annually.

Who stole the Gardner paintings?

George Reissfelder and Lenny DiMuzio are believed to have posed as police officers to gain access to the museum, tying up security guards and stealing 13 historic artworks by the likes of Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn worth an estimated $500 million.

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