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What was Run DMC first album?

Transformation (The Speed of Love)

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Moreover, when was Run DMC first album?

March 27th, 1984

Beside above, how did Run DMC start? Aided by Run's brother, Russell Simmons, founder of Def Jam Records, Run D.M.C.'s career began in 1983 with the single “It's Like That.” The moderately successful single opened the door for more singles and the self-titled debut album in 1984. The first Run-D.M.C.

what was Run DMC's first song?

It's Like That

What Run DMC means?

Run DMC stands for the pseudonyms of rappers Joseph Simmons aka Run (later known as Rev Run), and Darryl McDaniels aka DMC (initials of his name). Funny that Jason Mizell aka Jam Master Jay never made it to the name of the band!

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