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What was Robert Owen's theory?

Robert Owen was an 18th-century factory owner who emphasized reform. Unlike many other factories during the Industrial Revolution, Owen's factories emphasized the happiness and well-being of its employees. In the town of New Lanark, Owen improved employee housing and built schools for the town's children.

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Similarly, what was Robert Owen's philosophy?

To some, Robert Owen was a visionary; to others he was a naïve idealist. He may have been a little bit of both. His philosophy, Owenism, sought to use utopian socialist ideals to create a society with no private property, no poverty, and no ignorance.

One may also ask, what did Robert Owen believe in? Owen believed that education should go beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic in order to build good character and encourage good behavior throughout life. He was a pioneer in what today would be called a liberal education, as well as in modern education techniques.

Simply so, what is Robert Owen best known for?

?n/; 14 May 1771 – 17 November 1858), a Welsh textile manufacturer, philanthropist and social reformer, was one founder of utopian socialism and the cooperative movement. He is known for efforts to improve factory working conditions for his workers and promote experimental socialistic communities.

What did Robert Owen argue in 1816?

a successful manufacturer in Scotland, testified in 1816 before an investigating committee on the basis of his experience. He argued that employing children under ten years of age as factory workers was "injurious to the children, and not beneficial to the proprietors."

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