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What was Pocahontas famous quotes?

Tribe: Powhatan

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Moreover, what was Pocahontas famous for?

Pocahontas was a Powhatan Native American woman known for her involvement with English colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. In a well-known historical anecdote, she saved the life of Englishman John Smith, by placing her head upon his own at the moment of his execution.

Also, what did Pocahontas wear? She began to dress like a Powhatan woman, wearing a deerskin apron and a leather mantle in winter, since she was of high status. She might also wear one-shouldered fringed deerskin dresses when encountering visitors. Pocahontas started decorating her skin with tattoos.

Similarly, it is asked, is Pocahontas historically accurate?

Now, 400 years after her death, the story of the real Pocahontas is finally being accurately explored.

What Pocahontas means?

Pocahontas was the daughter of Powhatan, an important chief of the Algonquian Indians (the Powhatans) who lived in the Virginia region. Her real name was "Matoaka." "Pocahontas" was a nickname meaning "playful" or "mischievous one." Pocahontas is most famous for reportedly saving the life of English Captain John Smith.

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