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What was Penn's Holy Experiment and how was it unique from other colonies?

Penn viewed his new colony as a “Holy Experiment” offering religious tolerance and stronger governments. Other English thinkers in the 1600s shared these ideas but in Pennsylvania, religious tolerance became the law.

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Similarly, it is asked, what was Penn's Holy Experiment?

The "Holy Experiment" was an attempt by the Religious Society of Friends, also known as Quakers, to establish a community for themselves and other persecuted religious minorities in what would become the modern state of Pennsylvania.

One may also ask, was the holy experiment successful? HOLY EXPERIMENT. HOLY EXPERIMENT. Most historians agree that between Penn's departure for England in 1684 and his return to the colony in 1699, the political ideals inherent in the Holy Experiment largely failed.

Similarly, it is asked, how was the colony of Pennsylvania different from the other colonies?

Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, who was a Quaker, and its culture was informed by Quaker beliefs in the equality of all people. Therefore, the government pursued peace with the native people and was opposed to conducting warfare. As a result, many people in the colony were opposed to the American Revolution.

What made Pennsylvania a successful colony?

The colony's government would reflect Quaker values. With Penn's presence in the colony, promoting trade and business, recruiting settlers who shared his beliefs and values, and negotiating with political opponents, made Pennsylvania the most instantaneously successful of the English colonies in North America.

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