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What was Olivia Newton John's first hit?

If You Love Me, Let Me Know's title track was in fact its first single and reached No. 5 Pop, No. 2 Country (her best country position to date) and No. 2 AC. The next single, "I Honestly Love You", became Newton-John's signature song.

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Regarding this, what was Olivia Newton John's biggest hit?

Olivia Newton John's Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits:

  • “ Physical,” No. 1 (for 10 weeks), Nov.
  • “ Magic,” No.
  • “ You're the One That I Want” (with John Travolta), No.
  • “ A Little More Love,” No.
  • “ Please Mr.
  • “ Have You Never Been Mellow,” No.
  • “ I Honestly Love You,” No.
  • “ Let Me Be There,” No.

Also, when did Olivia Newton John first get cancer? Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. At the time, she received nine months of chemotherapy and a breast removal surgery, called a mastectomy. While her cancer entered remission, in 2013 her doctors discovered that it had metastasized (spread) beyond her breasts.

how much is Olivia Newton John Worth?

Olivia Newton-John net worth: Olivia Newton-John is an actress and singer who has a net worth of $40 million dollars. Olivia Newton-John has enjoyed both a successful recording career and a film career.

What happened to Olivia Newton John?

Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992, Newton-John eventually went into remission and then suffered a relapse in 2017. She has devoted much of her time to raising awareness and funding for cancer research, and has supported various environmental causes and charities.

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