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What was Memet IQ score?

“The person with the superior intelligence is … with a 121 … Memet Walker,” he read off. Brent, meanwhile, came in with a score of 112, which lands in line with Ralph Cirella's 2010 result.

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Also question is, was Memet fired from the Howard Stern show?

The one interesting part of the “evolved” Howard Stern show. Christ. Just checked Instagram and he's still followed by TaTa Toothy, JD, Nowicki, Jason, Wilding, and the official Stern Show account. Needless to say, Memet was not fired and people on this sub love their conspiracy theories.

will Murray Howard Stern wife? Will Murray He and fellow producer Jason Kaplan host the Howard 100 News segment "Page 69." On September 5, 2008, Will married his long-time girlfriend. A Philadelphia area native, he is a huge Philadelphia sports fan, and is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Also, where is the Howard Stern show?

The Howard Stern Show is the longtime radio show hosted by American radio personality Howard Stern that gained wide recognition when it was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from WXRK in New York City, between 1986 and 2005.

What is Howard Stern worth?

As of 2020, Howard Stern's net worth is estimated to be $650 million dollars, and he is known for being one of the most successful radio hosts of all time.

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