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What was Edgar Allan Poe's favorite music?

An admirer of Rachmaninoff and of Edgar Allan Poe, the student urged Rachmaninoff to set Poe's poem, “The Bells,” to music. Rachmaninoff read a Russian translation of “The Bells” and was won over. He completed his choral symphony (“The Bells”) in 1913 and later deemed it his personal favorite of all his compositions.

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Likewise, people ask, what was Edgar Allan Poe's favorite poem?

but my favourite Poe's poem is The Raven.

Subsequently, question is, what was Edgar Allan Poe influenced by? Charles Dickens Elizabeth Barrett Browning E. T. A. Hoffmann Thomas De Quincey

Additionally, which progressive rock band did an entire album of songs based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe?

the Alan Parsons Project

Where is the tell tale heart set?

The setting of the story takes place in the sitting room of a house at night. The narrator is a servant of some sort who takes care of the "old man" but is haunted by the man's evil eye. He plans to kill the man and thereby effectively rid himself of the eye.

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