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What was Bandura's experiment called?

In a famous and influential experiment known as the Bobo doll experiment, Albert Bandura and his colleagues demonstrated one way that children learn aggression. According to Bandura's social learning theory, learning occurs through observations and interactions with other people.

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Also question is, what did the Bobo doll experiment prove?

Bobo doll experiment, groundbreaking study on aggression led by psychologist Albert Bandura that demonstrated that children are able to learn through the observation of adult behaviour.

Subsequently, question is, why is the Bobo doll experiment unethical? This means that the results of the experiment could indicate the desire for praise felt by children rather than the likelihood of aggression increasing through modeled behavior in general. One of the most glaring oversights of Bandura's Bobo doll experiment was the lack of consequences given for aggressive behavior.

Accordingly, what did Bandura do?

Albert Bandura is an influential social cognitive psychologist who is perhaps best known for his social learning theory, the concept of self-efficacy, and his famous Bobo doll experiments. He is a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and is widely regarded as one of the greatest living psychologists.

What are the 3 types of aggression?

The three aggression types comprised reactive-expressive (i.e., verbal and physical aggression), reactive-inexpressive (e.g., hostility), and proactive-relational aggression (i.e., aggression that can break human relationships, for instance, by circulating malicious rumours).

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