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What was Aldo Rossi inspired by?

Rossi is most appreciated for his contributions to architectural theory, which evolved from a wide range of influences: from architect and theorist Adolf Loos, to early Italian modernism, to surrealist painter Giorgio de Chirico.

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Then, what is Aldo Rossi famous for?

Aldo Rossi (3 May 1931 – 4 September 1997) was an Italian architect and designer who achieved international recognition in four distinct areas: architectural theory, drawing and design and also product design. He was one of the leading exponents of the postmodern movement.

Beside above, how did Aldo Rossi die? Traffic collision

Also to know is, what materials did Aldo Rossi use?

He named modern materials, such as steel, metal and glass, as “light materials” and he combined them with surface which is associated with masonry.

When did Aldo Rossi die?

September 4, 1997

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Where did Aldo Rossi study?