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What was a leading industry of the New South?

Henry W. Grady, a newspaper editor in Atlanta, Georgia, coined the phrase the "New South” in 1874. He urged the South to abandon its longstanding agrarian economy for a modern economy grounded in factories, mines, and mills.

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Similarly, it is asked, what characterized the New South?

New South Era. Alabama, like the rest of the South, experienced drastic economic and social change in the post-Reconstruction, or New South, era. The term "New South" refers to the economic shift from an exclusively agrarian society to one that embraced industrial development.

Subsequently, question is, how was the New South like the Old South? A difference between the New South from the Old South is the southerners state of mind. In the Old South southerner's were arrogant and self-assured, The North assumed a war over slavery would quickly end the issue and everyone would move on. The North was more equipped for this war and better prepared.

Besides, what industries flourished in the new South?

New enterprises included cotton mills, iron forges, and commercial fertilizer manufacturing plants (by 1877 South Carolina alone was shipping more than 100,000 tons of fertilizer to foreign markets). The number of cotton mills rose from 161 in 1880 to 400 in 1900. Cottonseed oil also became a major Southern industry.

Which of the following industries was important to rebuilding the economy of the New South?

There were three main areas of industrial advancement in the South—Cotton milling, iron production and manufacture as well as tobacco. Before these three industries could grow it was necessary to rebuild the transportation and communication systems that had been destroyed during the Civil War.

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