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What vow did Camillus make before the capture of Veii?

"Under thy guidance, O Apollo," he prayed, "I proceed to destroy the city of Veii, and I vow to thee a tenth part of the spoil." Then some of the Romans attacked the walls. As the Veientians rushed to their defense, others of the Romans came out of the tunnel in the city and attacked them from behind.

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Correspondingly, how did Camillus rise to power?

Camillus had been in command of the army for some years by this time, fighting against the cities of Capena and Falerii which were allied with Veii, but was now named dictator and given the responsibility for ending the unpopular war. He was then able to turn his full attention to Veii itself.

One may also ask, what was significant about the Roman sack of Veii? Showed Roman dominance in Italy, and Etruscans losing their hold. They let the citizens have citizenship. Created relationship between Rome and other communities.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how did Camillus alienate himself from the Roman people?

Banishment. The Romans were restive because no plunder had been reaped out of Falerii. Furthermore, Camillus rejected both the land redistribution and the uncontrolled Roman population of Veii. Consequently, he was impeached by his political adversaries, by an accusation of embezzlement of the Etruscan plunder.

When did Rome conquer Veii?

Siege of Veii, 405-396 B.C. The ten year long siege of Veii (405-396 B.C.) was the main event of the Third Veientine War and saw the Romans finally conquer their nearest rival, the Etruscan city of Veii.

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