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What vertebra does not have a Centrum?

The atlas vertebra has no vertebral body, lacks a spinous process, and has no articular disks superior or inferior to it. On the posterior surface of the anterior bony rim of this vertebra (the anterior edge of the vertebral foramen) there is an oval articulation for the dens (see later) of the axis.

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Likewise, what is the centrum of the vertebrae?

Every vertebra has a body, which consists of a large anterior middle portion called the centrum (plural centra) and a posterior vertebral arch, also called a neural arch. The upper and lower surfaces of the body of the vertebra are flattened and rough in order to give attachment to the intervertebral discs.

Furthermore, which type of Centrum is found in the vertebrae of mammals? Amphiplatyan vertebrae are flat on both sides as in mammals. Heterocoelous vertebrae are characteristic of birds neck. The centrum is saddle-shaped to provide high flexibility to the neck movement.

One may also ask, what do all vertebrae have in common?

All vertebrae share a basic common structure. They each consist of an anterior vertebral body, and a posterior vertebral arch.

What does the first cervical vertebrae lack?

The atlas, or C1, is the first cervical vertebra and is shaped to allow articulation with the odontoid process of C2 and the skull. It is unique in that it has no vertebral body. The posterior arches of C1 extend posteriorly and medially from the lateral masses to terminate in the short posterior tubercle.

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