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What types of chainsaw chains are there?

Different Types of Chainsaw Chains
  • Cutter Type. Full-Chisel Cutters. Semi-Chisel Cutters. Low Profile Cutter.
  • Chain Sequence/Arrangement. Full Skip Chain. Semi-Skip Chain. Standard / Full House.

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Simply so, what are the best chainsaw chains?

The 10 Best Chainsaw Chains

  1. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain – Best Overall.
  2. Oregon S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain.
  3. Trilink 18″ S62 Chainsaw Chain – Best Value.
  4. Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Chain-Saw Chain.
  5. Oregon D72 AdvanceCut 20-Inch Chainsaw Chain.
  6. Husqvarna 18″ Chainsaw Chain.
  7. Husqvarna 24″ Chainsaw Replacement Chain.

Secondly, are chainsaw chains universal? While chainsaw blades are universal, their size and length as well as the design will vary according to the chainsaw that you're buying and the purpose the chainsaw is designed to solve. There are a host of chain manufacturers, and each has their own set of features.

Similarly, you may ask, what is the most aggressive chainsaw chain?

Stihl chain is a little more expensive but it's the most aggressive chain commonly available. It's also made from the hardest steel so it holds an edge better than any other brand I've tried (including Carlton, Saber and Bailey's Woodsman Pro).

Do drive links matter on chainsaw?

Number of individual drive links must be counted. No exceptions. Simple length measurements (like "a 2 foot chain) are not helpful for correctly matching chains. Chain length is determined by a combination of distance between links (pitch) and the number of links.

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