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What type of tissue is the Endocardium made of?

The endocardium is the inner lining of the heart, covering the atrium, ventricles, and heart valves. It's made up of three layers, which contain the vascular endothelium, muscle tissue, and connective tissue.

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Accordingly, what type of tissue is the epicardium made of?

loose connective tissue

Beside above, what tissue is the heart wall made of? cardiac muscle tissue

Also to know is, what is myocardium made of?

The myocardium is the large, middle part of the heart muscle. It pumps blood to the tissues of the body and is under involuntary control. The myocardium is made up of striated muscle fibers that connect at intercalated discs.

What type of tissue is the pericardium?

connective tissue

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