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What type of soil does Bracken grow in?

Bracken is creeping down from the mountainside, invading the ungrazed fields. Bracken, Pteridium aquilinum, is, of course, a fern (and is always referred to as 'the fern' by the local farmers). It is astonishingly successful at colonising acid or neutral soil in open situations, where most ferns feel too exposed.

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Likewise, how do you grow Bracken?

Bracken fern growing conditions include some shade, but not too much. Unlike many ferns, bracken fern information says the plant won't grow in full shade. And while optimum bracken fern growing conditions include moist soil, the plant won't survive in a waterlogged area.

Secondly, how does Bracken spread? Rhizomes (creeping stems lying, usually horizontally, at or under the surface of the soil) are the key to the success of bracken; they spread underground allowing the stand of bracken to increase in size. In deep soils the Rhizomes can be up to a metre down.

People also ask, what can Bracken be used for?

These uses for bracken include; use as a source of fertility from raw material and ash, weed control for vegetable crops, animal bedding, cover mulch, insect repellent, seed treatment, anti-fungal agent, and biofuel.

What is the difference between bracken and fern?

Ferns are bi-pinnate, which means that the leaflets divide twice to produce the easily recognised fronds. Bracken, on the other hand, is tri-pinnate. This means that the leaflets divide three times, giving each frond its own tiny frondlets – like a little green comb.

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