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What type of sociologist is Merton?

Robert Merton is a functionalist sociologist who viewed society as a system of functioning parts or structures that, together, create a stable society.

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People also ask, what is Robert Merton's theory?

Social strain theory was developed by famed American sociologist Robert K. Merton. The theory states that social structures may pressure citizens to commit crimes. Strain may be structural, which refers to the processes at the societal level that filter down and affect how the individual perceives his or her needs.

Furthermore, what are the four types of deviance according to Merton? According to Merton, there are five types of deviance based upon these criteria: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism and rebellion.

In respect to this, what did Robert Merton do in sociology?

In 1994, Merton was awarded the US National Medal of Science, for "founding the sociology of science and for his pioneering contributions to the study of social life, especially the self-fulfilling prophecy and the unintended consequences of social action". He was the first sociologist to receive the prize.

Which concept did Robert K Merton take from Emile Durkheim to develop Merton's strain theory?

Social Structure, Anomie, and Strain Theory. Merton adopted Emile Durkheim's concept of anomie, developing it, through several revisions, resulting in his strain theory of deviant behavior.

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