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What type of oil does a Honda 2000 generator take?

The Honda manual recommends 10W-30 weight (for our temperature) conventional mineral engine oil. Synthetic oil is very high quality and an improvement over conventional oil.

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Consequently, what oil does a Honda 2000 generator take?

Once all the old oil is drained, insert the funnel in the fill tube and refill the engine with Honda Power Equipment Oil. The Honda EU2000i has an oil capacity of . 42 quarts. Bring the oil level to the upper limit of the oil fill tube neck.

Similarly, what is the best oil to use in a generator? Choosing the Best Oil for Your Generator

  • Best SAE 10W-30 Oil: Honda Motor Oil.
  • Best SAE 15W-40 Oil: Shell ROTELLA.
  • Best SAE 5W-30 Oil: Generac FS Oil.
  • Best SAE 30 Oil: Briggs & Stratton.
  • Best 2-STROKE Oil: Husqvarna XP+
  • Best 4-STROKE Oil: Briggs & Stratton.

Also know, what kind of oil does my Honda generator use?

Honda generators that operate with a 4-cycle engine require a 4-stroke motor oil that is rated API service class SJ or a later equivalent. 10-W-30 is the standard all-temperature motor oil recommended by Honda for its generators. Different viscosities may be used if local average temperatures warrant it.

Is synthetic oil good for generators?

Synthetic oils are known to lubricate engines working parts faster than conventional motor oils. They also make excellent cold weather oils if you are going to be using your generator during the colder winter months.

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